Aluminum castings from high-pressure technology, from 3D design to assembly.

We specialize in small and medium production runs of castings with complex shapes.

22 years
on the market


5 countries
direct shipment


1 300 000 pcs

810 tons


We supply to these industries

  • Automotive
  • Electrical, high voltage, motors
  • Furniture
  • Textile
  • Healthcare
  • Other... 



Family business since 1991

The company Alutex Ltd. was founded by Jaroslav Janoušek as a tool shop to meet the needs for molds for castings of German industrial companies. Over time, customer requests for deliveries of finished aluminum castings were followed, leading to the acquisition of a foundry for high-pressure casting technology in Kroměříž. Over the years, customer services expanded to include the delivery of machined castings from its own machining facility. The realization or cooperation in surface treatments and sub-assembly then became a logical conclusion to satisfy all customer needs in casting deliveries. All of this is managed by 120 permanent employees

We cover the entire production cycle of the casting, from production documentation to final assembly at the customer's site 

Today, both of Jaroslav's sons are increasingly involved in the company's management, continuing the tradition of delivering products precisely according to customer requirements. 

  • We are here for you to deliver a finished, painted, machined casting, along with sub-assembly according to your specifications. 
  • We are here to make purchasing castings an easy process for you.

We cast and machine castings

  • using high-pressure technology
  • casting weight from 0.1 - 10kg
  • starting from 100 pieces per year, but we can also handle tens of thousands of pieces
  • length up to 110 cm
  • injections of metal parts
  • potting of housings into castings

    DIN 226 EN AC 46 000 AlSi9Cu3(Fe)
    DIN 230 EN AC 44 300 AlSi12(Fe)
    DIN 231 EN AC 47 100 AlSi12Cu1(Fe)
    DIN 239 EN AC 43 400 AlSi10Mg(Fe)
    Magsimal 59 AlMg5Si2Mn


We design the ideal technology

We are advisors to customers in the casting design to ensure optimal manufacturability

We design and manufacture molds for our foundry as well as for other customers  

Our long-standing experience in mold design will ensure 

  1. High internal quality of the casting.
  2. Long mold lifespan
  3. Optimal casting price 

As needed, we use simulation software like Magma or others for technology design, according to customer preferences. 

And we assess all the important aspects of the gating system and casting design.


We design molds, trim dies, and machining fixtures

Design of molds for aluminum castings using high-pressure technology is crucial for: 

  1. proper casting cooling
  2. ejection from the mold
  3. optimal production cycle
  4. long mold lifespan  

All of this is overseen by our experienced mold and trimming tool designers.

They work in Catia V5 and Rhinoceros software.

Our only production limitation is the maximum die weight of 6 tons. 



Our tool shop

allows us to guarantee to the customer

  1. top-quality mold
  2. promised leadtime

But you can also order the mold from us without casting production... 

And all of this thanks to our experienced employees and versatile machinery we have in Jablonec nad Nisou.


Our foundry

Only full control over the production process can ensure the customer 

  1. Quality alloy and other consumables
  2. Quality production process supported by other processes
  3. Quality product according to customer specifications
  4. Quality product delivered on time as per customer's request

All of these are met by our foundry in Kroměříž.


And finally, we also machine

the castings that you have us cast. We have both CNC machines and conventional machining machines. 

CNC lathe Daewoo Puma 240MB
CNC lathe Miano LZO2R
CNC machining center CHIRON FZ
CNC machining center CHIRON FZ 15W Baseline
CNC machining center DOOSAN T 4000 L


We fulfill the high quality demands of our customers through a high level of process and product control. This is evidenced by the fact that we supply visually demanding components with intricate surface finishes. 

Creating quality during product planning and production involves all employees working in accordance with a quality system certified according to ISO 9001:2015. 

Casting quality

X-ray Testima


Process quality

certified according ISO 9001:2015

Dimension quality

CMM Mitutoyo

We also perform surface treatments

We perform shot blasting internally using stainless steel shots, as well as tumbling.

Upon customer request, we also provide grinding and polishing services to achieve a high, mirror-like gloss.

trysk.jpgShot-blasted, finely matte surface

lesk.jpgPolished, mirror-like surface

We also subcontrast surface treatments for your parts

Painting and other processes according to your requirements


And finally, we will deliver the castings to you


via our own international freight transport.

2x 3,5 tons
1x 6,5 tons


If we have caught your interest, please give us a call 

Do you want to inquire without obligation, get a price estimate for castings, molds, or machining fixtures?

+420 720 991 630

Main contacts

Ing. Jaroslav Janoušek 
Telephone: +420 483 306 379
Mobile: +420 602 370 575

Head of Sales:
Veronika Schierová
Telephone: +420 483 368 881
Mobile: +420 720 991 630

Address of the foundry and machining facility

ALUTEX, spol. s r.o.
Kaplanova 3000
767 01 Kroměříž
Czech Republic



Foundry Manager:
Ing. Petr Přecechtěl
Telephone: +420 573 331 556
Mobile: +420 602 632 597

Contact hours: Mon-Fri: 
6:00 AM - 2:30 PM

Address of the tool shop

Company headquarters

ALUTEX, spol. s r.o.
Janovská 4475/7a
466 05 Jablonec nad Nisou
Czech Republic

IČO: 25041231
DIČ: CZ25041231

Telephone: +420 483 368 880

Account number in CZK : 319573003/2700
Account number in EUR : 319573011/2700

Tool shop manager:
Jiří Janoušek
Telephone: +420 483 368 875
Mobile: +420 721 246 865

Contact hours: Mon-Fri: 
6:00 AM - 2:30 PM

The company is registered at the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem, C 14325